Today’s rabbit hole: a set of plates made by the Shenango China company in New Castle, Pennsylvania.  That’s all I knew.  Here is what they look like:


So…  There’s information about the Shenango company, which is gone now.  Here, in fact, is a poignant look at how it ended:

But, I couldn’t find the specific plate pattern.  The illustration reminds me of Rockwell Kent.  A man and a (under- dressed for sailing??) woman on a sailboat, wind in their sails, and seagull in their midst.  Pretty cool image.  One plate on Ebay once upon a time, and a blurry image on Replacements Ltd, that at least gave me the pattern number: SHO376.  Not that the number helped!  And Replacements had none of this pattern in stock.

But they did have lots of Shenango dishes!  It made me think of the first half of the 20th century, with so much restaurant-ware being made.  Some for train travel, too.  The patterns often just amounted to a decorative rim, but occasionally, as with this one, had an interesting, stylish image.

Think of all the dishes that went down with the Titanic!  Think of all the small-town diners, whose plates must be in some land fill.  Think of all the hopeful young couples, filling their first little kitchen cabinets with wedding dishes.  Stacks and stacks of plates and cups and bowls… So many dishes out there.  And collectors for some of them.  These strike me as collectible, too, not just because I had so much trouble finding them.  The design itself is fun.  Great graphics are always good!

2 thoughts on “SHENANGO CHINA

  1. Laila says:

    I found a set of for of these exact plates when cleaning out my fathers house!

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